NSP Newsletter 9/10/19

The Noob Shelter Ethos:
Real analysis based on research.
Unbiased criticism and uncensored opinions.
No paywalls and no advertisements.
No bowing down to the man or kissing of ass.
These are the grounds we are founded on and hold true till our dying breaths…
(or the show gets shut down)
~ M. Fugitive

NSP Newsletter
End of an era

Between holidays, family, broken hands (none of us mind you) and computers blowing up (looking at you Rythone), the last 2 or so weeks have been difficult for us to broadcast.

We had taken the 26th off due to one of us (we forget who honestly) having to be elsewhere. The 2nd was labor day and we promised to broadcast but decided to spend time with our families. (Matt had promised his kid’s smores). And then after that, one of Matt Fugitive’s roommates had broken their hand.

So one thing after the other had prevented us from doing a live stream.

The hive mind (Matt, Feyd, Rythone) met over Messenger last night and decided that it’s time to finally close out the live stream of the site. The cost of doing a live stream is pricy and we only have access to a flash player for the free version which isn’t mobile-friendly. We will continue to find other means of redoing the live stream (we may stream live on Facebook for a while) but for now, we decided it’s easier to just stick to a “non-live” podcast format until our numbers grow bigger.

For those of you that have been sticking with us, thank you for hanging in there. Your loyalty is what keeps us going and we see that on the listener metrics. But we ask you to help spread the word. Let everyone know about The Noob Shelter Podcast.

Anyways, we’ll keep this short. We’ll be recording a new episode of The Noob Shelter Podcast on Wednesday night so we should have some new stuff posted on Thursday. Then we’ll continue recording on Monday nights with a Tuesday upload.

Thank you all again for your continued support.



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