New Episodes

Surprise Mechanics

Download MP3 Our 3rd episode finds us bitching about EA in the UK fighting over loot boxes, Nintendo moving production out of China, Rythones New Console rundown, and much much more. View Show Notes – powered by The Freedom Controller

Yet Another E3 Episode

Download MP3 We’re now going WEEKLY! Every Friday @ 9PM Pacific. We’re also sticking to One Hour! This episode we once again talk about E3 and how it was a “meh” event. That and much much more on the new HOUR long episode of The Noob Shelter Podcast. Credits: Some sound files provided by the […]

Here We Go… AGAIN!

Download MP3 We’re back.. in podcast form. We talk about the Loot Box Bill, Space Pirates, The delay in the sonic movie, and much much more.. Credits: Some sound files provided by the No Agenda Podcast & via End of show mixes: 411 Fortnite Ponzi Scheme – Compiled by Matt Fugitive Episode #: […]

Archived Episodes

Activision Sucks

Snowpocalypse 2019 Seattle slowed us down for two weeks but we’re back bitching about the Activision employee dumps, Nintendo under Bowser’s control, XBOX playing nice with everyone and much much more. Credits: Executive Producer for Episode 14: Anonymous ($10.00+ donation) Some sound files provided by the No Agenda Podcast & via End of […]

Fifa? FIFA!

Our first episode in over 4 friggin years!! We’re back!!! In this episode, we’re talking about AOC and her love of the N64, Bethesda’s woes, Ghostbusters 3, and the crap ton of money Fortnite made in 2018. All that and more on the first episode of 2019. Credits: Some sound files provided by the No […]

Turn Your PAX Down

Sarah (aSleepyPanda) joins Matt Fugitive, Kennori and Rythone for another awesome episode. Discussion Highlights: – Exploding Kittens Review – Mario Maker – PAX 2015 – League of Legends tournament …and much more. Episode #: 012 Title: Turn Your PAX Down Recording Date: 9/8/2015 Running Time: 1:52:27

Matt Fugitive Vs. DuckTales: Remastered

Matt Fugitive relives his childhood with his live play of DuckTales: Remastered for the PC. Discussion Highlights: – Returning to Twitch – Comparisons of Old DuckTales vs New DuckTales – Future Episodes …and much more. Episode #: 011 Title: Matt Fugitive Vs. DuckTales: Remastered Recording Date: 8/25/2015 Running Time: 1:46:40