Similar to some podcasts, The Noob Shelter has decided to be a solely listener-supported production. This means the listeners contribute to the show both financially and through volunteerism. If you feel you are getting value from this show, please help us by becoming a supporter and passing the word about our show.

We accept donations in the following forms:

Please consider offering us a monetary donation. Donations over $10 bucks will receive a credit on the episode. All donations are public unless stated otherwise.

Depending on the donation frequency, we may offer specific titles and tiers on our show in the near future.

All donations received in between/or during broadcasts will be recognized on the next broadcast.

Fulfill our NEED list:

You can view our Amazon Wish List here and hopefully help us get some newer gear to make our show even better: Click Here to See our Wish List

Other donations/volunteer:

Show Artwork, Promotional Materials, Voice Overs, Music, Sound Clips, Show Notes, Archiving, and Effects. We love them all. Please consider helping us out by sending all artwork and the like to We’ll give you a credit on the show and post your art on our website. Please also include your intent on allowing our fair use of said materials.

We would also like to build a 2nd computer for the show to handle Skype/Streaming so any spare computer parts would be great. Doesn’t have to be flashy or a gaming machine of any kind.  We would prefer Intel processors i3 or above please but again, we’ll take what we can get.  Contact if you are interested in shipping us some parts and we’ll give you the shipping address.

*Note: Any physical video game donations we receive, once reviewed, will be used as prizes in later broadcasts.