We used to be a Webcast. We stopped getting viewers though so we decided to expand our reach and do a podcast only show. But here you can view all of our old episodes (and see what we look like too unfortunatley).  These videos are also available on YouTube on our old YouTube Page. Just search for us.


Activision Sucks

Snowpocalypse 2019 Seattle slowed us down for two weeks but we’re back bitching about the Activision employee dumps, Nintendo under Bowser’s control, XBOX playing nice with everyone and much much more. Credits: Executive Producer for Episode 14: Anonymous ($10.00+ donation) Some sound files provided by the No Agenda Podcast & via End of […]

Fifa? FIFA!

Our first episode in over 4 friggin years!! We’re back!!! In this episode, we’re talking about AOC and her love of the N64, Bethesda’s woes, Ghostbusters 3, and the crap ton of money Fortnite made in 2018. All that and more on the first episode of 2019. Credits: Some sound files provided by the No […]

Turn Your PAX Down

Sarah (aSleepyPanda) joins Matt Fugitive, Kennori and Rythone for another awesome episode. Discussion Highlights: – Exploding Kittens Review – Mario Maker – PAX 2015 – League of Legends tournament …and much more. Episode #: 012 Title: Turn Your PAX Down Recording Date: 9/8/2015 Running Time: 1:52:27

Matt Fugitive Vs. DuckTales: Remastered

Matt Fugitive relives his childhood with his live play of DuckTales: Remastered for the PC. Discussion Highlights: – Returning to Twitch – Comparisons of Old DuckTales vs New DuckTales – Future Episodes …and much more. Episode #: 011 Title: Matt Fugitive Vs. DuckTales: Remastered Recording Date: 8/25/2015 Running Time: 1:46:40  

Children of Destiny

Mike Fitzpatrick joins Matt Fugitive and Rythone for our first double digit episode this week. Discussion Highlights: – Microsoft to buy AMD – Arkham Knight PC launch issues – The Super Nintendo Playstation – Rage over the new Destiny expansion …and much more. Episode #: 010 Title: Children of Destiny Recording Date: 7/7/2015 Running Time: 1:43:22

E3 2015

We’re back everyone. Our first episode of 2015 and our official return to the interwebz. Kennori, John Porta, and Rythone co-host. Discussion Highlights: – E3 2015 – Gamestop goes retro – Valve starts pre-selling of Steam Controller and Steam Link – Windows 10… what we know …and much more. Episode #: 009 Title: E3 2015 Recording Date: 6/30/2015 Running Time: […]

Goodbye Horses

It’s our final episode of the seaon as well as our first episode on John Porta co-hosts and Kole joins the show. Discussion Highlights: – Windows 10 Preview – Amiibos available for pre-sale – Blizzard kills Titan project – Porta’s Pleb Perspective on Smash Bros for 3DS …and much more. Episode #: 008 Title: Goodbye […]

State of the Shelter

In our third live special we talk about the state of the show, where we were going and where we want to go now. We also talk about the possible buyout of Mojang by Microsoft and we brefily talk about the Apple announcement. John Freih fills in for Kennori. Episode #: LS003 Title: State of […]

Dat PAX!

Sarah (Twitch: ASleepyPanda) joins Kennori and Matt Fugitive to talk about her PAX experence. NOTE: This episode was muted by twitch resulting in a loss of 20+ minutes of talk. This video picks up after the muting was complete. Discussion Highlights: – Post-PAX discussioins – Minecraft launches for PS4/XBOX ONE – The Nintendo/Bandai-Namco love child […]


Our biggest show ever with John Porta, Rythone, and Mike Fitz making his debut along with Matt Fugitive and Kennori. Discussion Highlights: – Five Guys Scandal – XBOX ONE Updates – WIndows 9 Preview may go public – Haswell CPU OC’d to 7 Gigs ..and much more. Episode #: 006 Title: Do the FISH Recording […]