NSP Newsletter 11/26/19

The Noob Shelter Ethos:
Real analysis based on research.
Unbiased criticism and uncensored opinions.
No paywalls and no advertisements.
No bowing down to the man or kissing of ass.
These are the grounds we are founded on and hold true till our dying breaths…
(or the show gets shut down)
~ M. Fugitive

NSP Newsletter
What the hell YouTube

The season of being thankful and giving is upon us and we here at the Noob Shelter Podcast would like to thank you for listening to us and sticking with us as we adjust to this whole podcasting thing.

We’ve decided to take two weeks off for Thanksgiving and we’ll probably take a bit more time off come Christmas as well. We will be back on Monday, December 2nd.  But while you wait, let’s talk about a few things…

First off, YouTube and Coppa. It was going to be discussed this week but seeing as we’re taking time off, we’ll probably talk about it on the next episode. We are pretty split on what Coppa means for YouTube and what the FTC’s big plans are for inforcing it. Mind you, this has a lot of YouTubers freaking out. You can read more about YouTube and its plans by clicking here.

In other news, the Stadia launched to much hype and fell sort of flat on its face. From lag input to sub-par video quality, the Stadia leaves much to be desired. We’ll be talking about it for sure on the next episode but here are some of the good and bad we’ve heard thus far:

The Good:
Ability to play on almost any device.
The Controller

The Bad:
Video Quality
Input Lag
Upscaled 4K graphics
Lack of an online community
The Price

We are far from calling this a failure. Hopefully, Google will put more elbow grease into fine-tuning Stadia for the masses unlike that of their Google FIber network which they just dumped and well… pretty much anything else Google has produced with the exception of Search, Ads, and YouTube.

Finally, Valve kicked 1000 games off the Steam platform. Why? because they were doing bad things with Steamworks. You can read more about that here. We’ll have this story plus we’ll try to get to the reasoning for the banhammer on our next episode.

Thank you all again for sticking with us. Here’s hoping you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. See you in December.

~ The NSP Crew.



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