NSP Newsletter 1/18/2022

The Noob Shelter Ethos:
Real analysis based on research.
Unbiased criticism and uncensored opinions.
No paywalls and no advertisements.
No bowing down to the man or kissing of ass.
These are the grounds we are founded on and hold true till our dying breaths…
(or the show gets shut down)
~ M. Fugitive

NSP Newsletter

Welp, we’re back… well no.. but maybe… but yes.. probably not but most definitely.
The story thus far:

Our last episode was in November 2019. We had some personal stuff happening and planned to release news stating we were going to take off the remaining year and come back in 2020.
I suspect we are no more than a thought, maybe a distant memory at this point.

Do we even attempt to come back at this point? Sure. Why the hell not.

I mean, there’s so much going on these days in the gaming industry, from Activision/Blizzard going off the rails by being bigots and jackasses, to Facebook of all people trying to become a real-life Gregarious Games and Zuckerburg trying to become a real like James Halliday.

Someone has to be the voice of the people and bitch and complain about the stupidity of the industry right? Why not us?

With that, we promise that sometime in 2022, The Noob Shelter will return. And rest assured we’re as pissed off and grumpy as ever.

For those of you awaiting our beacon, standby. We’re coming.

Be safe out there. The world has changed a lot in the last two years, but our resolve has never been stronger.

~ The NSP Crew.



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