NSP Newsletter 7/18/19

The Noob Shelter Ethos:
Real analysis based on research.
Unbiased criticism and uncensored opinions.
No paywalls and no advertisements.
No bowing down to the man or kissing of ass.
These are the grounds we are founded on and hold true till our dying breaths…
(or the show gets shut down)
~ M. Fugitive

NSP Newsletter
Show #007

First off, I’ll be doing more of these as often as I can. I feel reaching out to you our followers will help generate the buzz of the show and hopefully get us some listeners.

What we offer you in our show is a commercial-free podcast. We do not and will not take money from advertisers. A lot of “deplatforming” and “defunding” happens when you say something bad about a company or product.

A good example would be our collective disdain for Electronic Arts. I doubt they would, but if they were an advertiser, we would have to kiss there assess just to keep them happy (and keep the cash rolling in).

ad/sponsor free zone

Which is why we will have no ad’s ever on our show. Which is why we need you, our fellow collective to support the show in any way you can. Download us, listen to us, throw us a buck, do some artwork, whatever you can to contribute would be most grateful. All proceeds go to the show. Us three have full-time jobs and we do not see this venture turning into our full-time gig. It would be nice, but we’re realists. It’s something we do for fun and we hope you will come join us as we break down the going on’s in the gaming industry and elsewhere. Check out noobshelter.com/donate for more information.

Now on to the good stuff.

The San Diego Zoo

On tomorrows show, Comic-Con is finally here and we expect it to be rife with information flowing out of San Diego. From new movies to games and so on. And we here at the Noob Shelter will be covering it for you. Also, complaints have arisen over a peripheral of the Nintendo Switch. Care to take a guess?

These lil shits are pissing off daddy

And finally, deplatforming is coming into our virtual world guns blazing> Okay it’s been here, but not like this. And to top it off, Nintendo may be participating in it. We’ll talk about what deplatforming is exactly and why it’s happening and to whom.

…your mother!

Only on our podcast can you get unbiased opinions on what’s happening in our realm of nerdom. All the other guys are probably sponsored by some big-name company, product, or manufacturer. Not us. And because we’re not, we can be honest and critical.

We hope to see you on Friday night. If not, you can always find us at noobshelter.com or just search for “The Noob Shelter Podcast” wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Behind The Scenes
…the guys play with FaceApp…

We suspect Rythone is about 63 in this picture

Matt Fugitive is even more old as fuck lolol

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