NSP Newsletter 7/25/19

The Noob Shelter Ethos:
Real analysis based on research.
Unbiased criticism and uncensored opinions.
No paywalls and no advertisements.
No bowing down to the man or kissing of ass.
These are the grounds we are founded on and hold true till our dying breaths…
(or the show gets shut down)
~ M. Fugitive

NSP Newsletter


Welp, looks like we’ll be taking another break this week. Rythone has big family plans and I, myself (Matt Fugitive) have a concert to go to in Seattle on Saturday so I’ll need to rest up. I will be attending The Wiggles in Seattle with my 3 daughters.

It’s going down for real

So with that, we’ll be offering you another Legacy episode of The Noob Shelter from back when we were a webcast. Not sure which one I’ll pick but I’ll do my best to clean up the audio this time around. And as per normal, it’ll be about 2 hours in length.

..back in the day when you could see who we were.

So this week was an interesting one and rest assured as soon as we’re back we’ll be talking about it.  It seems as if Nintendo finally woke up. Well, I assume a nice old fashion class action lawsuit had something to do with it. But Nintendo is reportedly repairing any and all Joycons for free. Even if it’s out of warranty. And if you paid to have your Joycon fixed, you’re getting a refund.

While it’s a victory; it wouldn’t have been possible without those who finally stood up and took action. Rather than laying down and dealing with the crap handed to us, we should all stand up and give it back to them (looking at you EA Games). We all hope now that Doug Bowser over at Nintendo realizes how rabid of a fan base he has to deal with and also hope that the big game companies see this as well.

Not much to talk about at this time. I mean there is, but I would rather save it for episode 9 next week.


Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend. We’ll see you on August 2nd.



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