Palutena to be Amazon’s First Exclusive

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Reddit user AmazonJosh had the following updates on sales dates and the like:

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Important Info from /u/AmazonJosh:
I have bolded the most important parts for you all who tend to skim things.

Okay, cat’s out of the bag, Palutena’s going to be an exclusive to Amazon. She comes out July 24th, and we’re not doing pre-orders, so orders will go live at some point that day. If you want info on when they’ll go live, sign up to be emailed on the product page (Although just like wave 4, I’ll cross-post everything to reddit).

A few things to keep in mind, that we learned before wave 4:
1) We want to avoid resellers as much as possible, so she’ll be limited to 1 per customer.
2) We’re going to let everyone know when she’ll go on sale ahead of time.
3) That time will be during “normal business hours” (No 2:30am releases).
4) We learned from wave 4 that the time “windows” aren’t much different from just announcing a time, so I think that’s what we’ll be doing.

Also, we have a lot more stock than we’ve had of any other amiibo yet. I know we’ll end up selling out, but I think it’ll be closer to the Splatoon 3-pack or Charizard or something rather than Lucina/Robin in terms of how long they’re available (~15 mins after available).  If you show up on time, you should be able to get one.

Edit: Another note, I’m going to make some requests regarding how these are shipped so we see fewer bent packages.

Original Story:

Today, Reddit user AmazonJosh via @AmazonGames on Twitter announced that Palutena will be an exclusive Amiibo.

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This will be the first time Amazon managed to have an exclusive Amiibo in stock.

As of recently, has been pretty diligent at pleasing the Amiibo community with their handling of Amiibo orders and restocks and AmazonJosh seems to be at the head of this. Amiibo’s have been a hot item since their initial launch back in November of last year. Unfortunately production limits and shipping issues have caused the NFC-based figurines to be hard to come by.  Nintendo of America has claimed to be working on the issue and it’s apparent that they have with the most recent restocks of the exclusive Jigglypuff and Rosalina Amiibos at Before today, exclusives have been limited to the following retailers:

Walmart – Gold Mario
Best Buy – Meta Knight
Toys R Us – Lucario, Greninja
Target – Rosalina, Jigglypuff
Game Stop – Shulk, Ness

At this time, we have no word on how Amazon will handle it’s exclusive. Hopefully, it’ll be better handled than the other retailers and their exclusives.

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