Goodbye Horses

It’s our final episode of the seaon as well as our first episode on John Porta co-hosts and Kole joins the show. Discussion Highlights: – Windows 10 Preview – Amiibos available for pre-sale – Blizzard kills Titan project – Porta’s Pleb Perspective on Smash Bros for 3DS …and much more. Episode #: 008 Title:¬†Goodbye […]

Dat PAX!

Sarah (Twitch: ASleepyPanda) joins Kennori and Matt Fugitive to talk about her PAX experence. NOTE: This episode was muted by twitch resulting in a loss of 20+ minutes of talk. This video picks up after the muting was complete. Discussion Highlights: – Post-PAX discussioins – Minecraft launches for PS4/XBOX ONE – The Nintendo/Bandai-Namco love child […]


Our biggest show ever with John Porta, Rythone, and Mike Fitz making his debut along with Matt Fugitive and Kennori. Discussion Highlights: – Five Guys Scandal – XBOX ONE Updates – WIndows 9 Preview may go public – Haswell CPU OC’d to 7 Gigs ..and much more. Episode #: 006 Title: Do the FISH Recording […]

Go Home Twitch You’re Drunk

John Porta and L.P. return to the show. Discussion Highlights: – Twich makes big changes – World of Warcraft to remember Robin Williams. – Highlights from Gamescon 2014. ..and much more. Episode #: 005 Title: Go Home Twitch You’re Drunk Recording Date: 8/15/2014 Running Time: 1:47:44

Praise Our Overlord Google

John PortaParty joins Matt Fugitive and Kennori for some fun and talk. Discussion Highlights: – Five Guys Scandal – XBOX ONE Updates – Windows 9 Preview may go public – Haswell CPU OC’d to 7 Gigs ..and much more. Episode #: 004 Title: Praise our overloard Google Recording Date: 7/25/2014 Running Time: 1:45:58


Steve Frost from the Everything Sux Show fills in for Kennori and Mike TV joins the discussion. Discussion Highlights: – Post Steam Summer Sale discussion – Nintendo sponsors EVO 2014 – Transformer MMO in open beta … and much more! Episode #: 003 Title: WTF MMO Recording Date: 7/11/2014 Running time: 1:30:24

The PAX Effect

Jorge Ruiz (UrDmiz) join us for the talk plus we change up the graphics a bit for our 2nd official show. Discussion highlights: – PAX Prime sells out. Don’t feed the scalpers. – Watch Dogs – Our E3 Wants and Wishes …and much more! Episode #: 002 Title: The PAX Effect Recording Date: 6/6/2014 Running […]

Removing The Stick

Johnathan (Rhython) Freih and L.P. join us for our FIRST SHOW EVER! Discussion highligts: – Microsoft finally lightens up and announces the paywall removal from XBOX Media apps. – Notch talks abot Mojang and what might happen in 10 years – Pokemon – Nintendo Rumors – The International DOTA 2 Chamionship Episode #: 001 Title: […]