Palutena to be Amazon’s First Exclusive

Update 11:31am PT: Reddit user AmazonJosh had the following updates on sales dates and the like: From Reddit/r/Amiibo: Original Link: Important Info from /u/AmazonJosh: I have bolded the most important parts for you all who tend to skim things. Okay, cat’s out of the bag, Palutena’s going to be an exclusive to Amazon. She comes […]

A message from Matt Fugitive…

Dearest fans and friends of The Noob Shelter, Over the last month, myself and Kennori have been dealing with some deep personal issues. Both of us are in a heavy transitional phase and have been spending all of our free time working on our issues.  Understand that there is no bad blood between us and […]

Season 2 delayed till MAY

We at the Noob Shelter pride ourselves in bringing you quality content (even though we fail quite frequently in that regard) but we also pride ourselves in those that contribute to our show. One of our show contributors is going through some personal stuff so because of that, plus the fact we’re revamping certain aspects […]

2nd Season? Don’t mind if we do!

Hey kiddos. So we’re officially coming back for a 2nd season starting in mid to late March. Last year we started in late April but we decided to shoot for a March launch if at all possible. Also as you may have heard, Kennori is no longer with the show full time though he may […]

Welcome to the NEW site!!!

Greetings humans. No longer shall we rely on Facebook to post our updates…. meh who are we kidding. You guys never few anything we put out anyways. Ranting over with, welcome to the OFFICIAL home of The Noob Shelter. Once we’re 100% operational you’ll be able to interact with the show in new ways as […]